The Fair Directors and Fair Department Committee Personnel comprise a unique blend of farmers, business persons and public spirited individuals who value service above personal gain. Many of them take time from their regular occupations to spend long days working for or at the Fair.

The six day event provides friendly competition among neighbors and a wholesome, educational atmosphere for all ages. 
Farmers and small gardeners can compare their produce at one central location. Children can learn to appreciate quality food products and farm animals.

Our youth program is especially designed to encourage both boys and girls to exhibit in all categories of baking, canning, cooking, needlework, vegetables, plants, and animals. We hope you plan on attending this year's event and thank you for your support in advance.


Board of Directors

President: Jeff Griffith
Vice President: Mike Kahl
Treasurer: Debbie Seling
Secretary: Wilma Muir 
Board Members

April Cooper
Sharon Kahl
Larry Robinson
Deb Watkins 

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